Put More Than 135 Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience to Work For You
Put More Than 135 Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience to Work For You


When a person files a bankruptcy case, the goal is to wipe out as much debt as possible so that the person can get a fresh start. You may not want to get rid of some of your debts if, for example, you want to keep your home and car and want to continue to pay the mortgage and car payments. There are other debts that you cannot get rid of. Your other debts are either dischargeable, meaning that your personal liability will be eliminated, or non- dischargeable, meaning that you will continue to remain liable on the debt after your bankruptcy is over.  Learn More

Not necessarily. There are different options when it comes to homes and vehicles when filing for bankruptcy.  Learn More

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“Processing my financial situation after a divorce seemed unbearable. Mr. Gold and Mr. Smalarz were incredibly helpful and ended up working with the trustee to get me into a Chapter 13 repayment plan I could afford. I’m most grateful for their help and highly recommend them to others.”

Benyamin Vineburg

“They were a great team, when simple bankruptcy was contested by creditors, they proved to me that they are top notch defenders and they pulled me through with the best results, I would definitely recommend them.”

Nour Kabbani

“Our company’s experience with this law firm was outstanding. Jason was patient, kind, professional and understanding to our needs, questions and concerns, and we had many issues. Jason worked with us all the way through and then some in the end of our case. We felt heard, and our concerns validated, and our issues gone through thoroughly with the end result being satisfactory. We would recommend this firm to anyone who is in need a bankruptcy lawyer, they will help you get your life back in order.”

Dawn Dusseau

“John Lange was a godsend in clearing up a mess I had been dealing with. Other attorneys and a lawsuit had been around my neck for many years. Getting me through this gave me hope and my future back. He was present and walked me through every step along the way. Extremely professional and personable. When going through a crisis having trust is everything. The team at GLMS were always on the spot. Great outcome.”

Eric Hipple

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