Your Alternatives to Bankruptcy

What If Bankruptcy Isn’t Right For You?

When you are wondering if bankruptcy is right for you or not, you want a trusted adviser you can turn to for rock solid advice.We can be that adviser for you.Our attorneys at Gold Lange & Majoros, P.C., in Metro Detroit, hold more than 100 years of experience between them when it comes to bankruptcy matters. That experience includes decades of representing debtors, creditors, trustees and businesses.

We Will Help You Choose The Option That Is Right For You

As a result, we hold a comprehensive understanding, not just of bankruptcy, but of alternatives that might exist for you. We know your goal is to get your financial freedom, not just to file a bankruptcy.

Therefore, we want you to know that you will be able to depend on us to provide you with a candid, straightforward assessment of your case. You will know all of your options, not just bankruptcy.

Some of these options could include debt counseling, debt repayment plans, debt consolidation and other strategies, both those involving lawyers and those not needing lawyers. You will rest easier knowing you have relied on the seasoned judgment of our experienced team when making some of the most important decisions you will ever make about your financial future.

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