Put More Than 135 Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience to Work For You
Put More Than 135 Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience to Work For You

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Gold, Lange, Majoros, & Smalarz, P.C. works with attorneys in different areas of the legal sector who have clientele that require either chapter 7, chapter 11, or chapter 13 bankruptcy representation.

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Common Bankruptcy Myths

Below are some of the most common myths that people believe about filing bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process overall. Filing Bankruptcy Means I’m a Failure There is an old saying that “bad things happen to good people.” Every single day good people experience difficult situations: spouses pass away, people become ill or have medical emergencies, […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop My Car Repossession?

If you are behind on your car payments and facing repossession, filing for bankruptcy can help.  Filing for bankruptcy will generate an automatic stay, which will stop creditors (at least temporarily) from repossessing the vehicle. Depending on which Chapter of the bankruptcy laws you file under, your options to keep the vehicle will vary.  Chapter 7 […]